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Chase Ink Business Premier® Credit Card

If you’re looking for a powerful business credit card to help manage your company’s expenses while earning rewards, the Chase Ink Business Premier® Credit Card might be the right choice. In this review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about this card, including its features, benefits, pros, cons, and whether it’s the right fit for your business.

What is the Chase Ink Business Premier® Credit Card?

The Chase Ink Business Premier® Credit Card is designed specifically for business owners. It offers a range of features that can help you manage your business finances, earn valuable rewards, and enjoy various perks. This card is part of Chase’s Ink Business credit card lineup, which is known for providing excellent value and benefits to small business owners.

Welcome Bonus

$1,000 cash back


Flex for Business variable APR 19.49%-27.49%

Annual Fee


Pros and Cons of the Chase Ink Business Premier® Credit Card


Big Bonus: Earn $1,000 cash back after spending $10,000 in the first 3 months.

High Earning Rates: Get 5% cash back on Chase Travel℠, 2.5% on purchases of $5,000+, and 2% on everything else.

Flexible Rewards Redemption: Use rewards for travel, cash back, or gift cards.

Travel Benefits and Protections: Get travel insurance, no foreign transaction fees, and help while traveling.

No Extra Cost for Employee Cards.


High Annual Fee: There is a $195 annual fee, but the rewards can compensate for it.

Spending Requirement for Welcome Offer: You must spend a lot to get the bonus, which may be hard for some businesses.

Category Limitations: Only certain types of purchases get the highest rewards.

Payment Systems: You must pay off the card in full each month.

Limited Transfers Points: You can’t transfer points to airline, hotel programs or other Ultimate Rewards-earning cards.

Benefits of the Chase Ink Business Premier® Credit Card

  • Lucrative Welcome Offer

    One of the biggest attractions of the Chase Ink Business Premier® Credit Card is its lucrative welcome offer. Earn $1,000 bonus cash back after you spend $10,000 on purchases in your first 3 months from account opening. This welcome bonus can provide a great start to your rewards-earning journey.

  • High Earning Rates on Business Categories

    The card offers impressive earning rates on purchases in key business categories, such as:

    • Office Supplies: Earn extra points or cashback when you purchase office supplies, making it easier to stock up on essentials.
    • Travel: Get rewarded for travel expenses, including flights, hotels, car rentals, etc.
    • Advertising: Earn rewards on advertising purchases made with social media sites and search engines.
    • Shipping: Get points or cashback on shipping expenses, helping you save money on logistics.

    Earn 2.5% cash back on large purchases

    Earn 2.5% cash back on every $5,000 purchase. When redeemed, that’s $250 on a $10,000 purchase.

    Earn 2% cash back on every purchase

    Turn all your business expenses into rewards with unlimited 2% cash back on all other business purchases. Redeem your rewards for cash back, gift cards, travel, and more through Chase Ultimate Rewards®.

    Employee cards at no additional cost

    Employee cards let you set individual spending limits and help you earn rewards even faster.

    Earn 5% cash back on Lyft Rides

    Earn 5% cash back on Lyft rides through March 2025 with your Chase Ink Premier card. That’s 3% in addition to the 2% you already earn on travel.

  • Flexible Rewards Redemption

    Points earned with the Chase Ink Business Premier® Credit Card can be redeemed in various ways, giving you flexibility in using your rewards. Options include:

    • Travel: Use your points to book flights, hotels, car rentals, and other travel-related expenses.
    • Cashback: Redeem your points for cashback, which can be used to offset your credit card balance.
    • Gift Cards: Choose from various gift cards from popular retailers and restaurants.
    • Products and Services: Redeem points for merchandise or services through the Chase Ultimate Rewards® portal.
  • Comprehensive Travel Benefits

    The card offers several travel benefits that can enhance your business trips:

    • Travel Insurance: Coverage for trip cancellations, interruptions, and delays.
    • No Foreign Transaction Fees: Save money on purchases made outside the U.S. by avoiding foreign transaction fees.
    • Travel Assistance Services: Access to 24/7 travel assistance for emergencies, including medical and legal referrals.
  • Expense Management Tools

    Chase provides tools to help you manage your business expenses more effectively. These tools include:

    • Expense Tracking: Monitor your spending in real time and categorize expenses for easier bookkeeping.
    • Spending Reports: Generate detailed reports on your spending, helping you analyze your business expenses.
    • Integration with Accounting Software: Sync your transactions with popular accounting software like QuickBooks, making keeping your books up to date easier.
  • Employee Cards

    You can issue additional cards to your employees at no extra cost. This allows them to make business purchases while helping you earn more rewards. You can also set spending limits on these cards to control expenses and ensure your budget is managed effectively.

Is the Chase Ink Business Premier® Credit Card Right for Your Business?

The Chase Ink Business Premier® Credit Card is a strong contender for business owners looking for a card that offers high rewards, flexible redemption options, and comprehensive benefits. However, whether it’s the right card for your business depends on your needs and spending habits.

Consider the Chase Ink Business Premier® Credit Card if:
  • You Want a Lucrative Welcome Offer: The card’s generous welcome bonus can significantly boost your rewards balance.
  • You Spend a Lot in Business Categories: If your business has high expenses in categories like office supplies, travel, advertising, and shipping, you can earn points quickly.
  • You Value Travel Benefits: The travel perks, including no foreign transaction fees and travel insurance, can make your business trips more comfortable and cost-effective.
  • You Need Expense Management Tools: Chase’s tools can help you keep track of your spending and simplify your bookkeeping.
Look for Other Options if:
  • You Prefer a No-Fee Card: If you’re uncomfortable paying an annual fee, you might want to consider a card with no annual fee, although it may offer fewer benefits.
  • Your Business Spending Doesn’t Align with the Card’s Categories: If your business expenses don’t fall into the high-earning categories, you might not get as much value from the card.

Final Thoughts

The Chase Ink Business Premier® Credit Card is an excellent choice for business owners who want to maximize their rewards and enjoy various benefits. With its generous welcome offer, high earning rates, flexible redemption options, and comprehensive travel benefits, this card can be a powerful tool for managing your business finances.

Consider your business’s spending patterns, travel needs, and expense management preferences to determine if the Chase Ink Business Premier® Credit Card fits you. With the right strategy, this card can help you earn rewards, save on expenses, and enjoy premium services that support your business’s growth and success in 2024 and beyond.


Chase Ink Business Premier® Credit Card

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