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How To Gain Followers On Instagram


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Instagram is one of the best social media platforms for advertising your products and services. This is because Instagram has a broad user base. There are numerous active Instagram users, and posts are shared every second. With this vast user base, you can reach a wider audience since more people spend more time on it, increasing their chances of seeing your advert. Additionally, Instagram allows you to target specific demographics. Instagram ads enable you to target potential customers interested in the products and services. 

Finally, Instagram is versatile. There are no complex features to use. Therefore, you can design ads quickly and more seamlessly. However, you need many followers to reach more people daily and gather feedback on your account and posts. Additionally, more followers give you a better experience. The more followers you have, the more reshares, comments, and taggings occur, making it interactive for other people. With that in mind, here are some tips on how to gain followers on Instagram:   

  • Build A Foundation

To be efficient on social media, you must have a clear and solid plan. Gaining more followers is just the beginning. However, followers only don’t make your account to be successful. You must have objectives linking your business plan to your social marketing goals. Know why you require more followers, like boosting product sales, driving traffic to your website, or increasing brand awareness. Staying focused on your goals enables you to be consistent, provide appealing stories, and gain loyal followers. You can build a foundation by:

  • Focusing On Putting Out Content

The first thing in building your foundation on Instagram is to put your content out. Sometimes, this can be a challenging stage, especially if it’s your first time since you don’t know whether your audience will like it. However, remember that everybody starts somewhere. Therefore, concentrate on putting out content for now; you will make changes with time. Moreover, focus on consistency as it builds trust, establishes your credibility, and boosts your reputation.  

  • Getting People To Follow You 

Next, you need to give users reasons why they should follow you. There needs to be more than just creating content to build a foundation. It’d help if you gave prospective followers a clear picture of what they can expect when they follow you. Here are some tips for getting people to follow you: 

  • Create high-quality content: The quality of the content you post on Instagram significantly impacts whether people will follow you. Creating high-quality Instagram content is essential because it allows you to monetize your account. Additionally, it lets the Instagram algorithm place you and your posts in a more visible position. When the algorithm discovers that your content resonates with your audiences, it puts your brand and posts in front of new users. 

Therefore, ensure that your content will make new users want to see more of your posts. You can use emojis, post at the right time, put the most important words up front, asks questions, or use different caption lengths. 

  • Have a catchy username: One of the vital elements for branding your Instagram profile is your username. A catchy username is essential as it makes it more memorable. You’d want people to remember your name after coming across your content for the first time. Users can also easily search for unique usernames directly influencing engagement levels and follower count. 

A perfect Instagram username should be simple, with no special characters. Adding a lot of asterisks or underscores to your username can make it more complicated for people to remember. Also, an excellent username is easy to spell. The simpler the username it’s to spell, the easier to search.    

  • Have a clear profile picture: Your profile picture is the first thing that catches the eye of potential followers and users. Therefore, it’s essential to have a clear one to attract more followers and have engagement. One of the best ways of achieving this is to upload a professional-looking image. The fresh and clear your photo is, the better for your profile. You can hire a professional photographer for your photos or a graphic designer to create your branded logo and generate high-quality images. 
  • Add a call-to-action in the description: Adding a call-to-action (CTA) in your description lets users know what you want them to do. It gives you a chance to motivate users to take steps and follow you. Without a clear CTA, users may be unable to know your intentions and may leave without accomplishing your desired goal. However, a strong CTA convinces users to act and tells them to follow you and how they can do that.  
  • Have a clear message in bio: Your Instagram bio is a rapid chance to captivate and attract followers. Usually, it’s the first thing that users see when they open your profile. That gives you the best opportunity to introduce yourself and your brand to your users and help them know your products and services. Additionally, you can inform users what they should care about your company and follow you.   

Attaining all these goals convinces visitors to click on the follow button and become your followers. 

  • Creating A Community With Your Followers

 Instagram followers must feel attached to you, your brand, and your members. Creating a community with your followers enables you to develop something your audience will feel a part of, connect and share their interests. Furthermore, creating an Instagram community allows you to obtain brand loyalty, improve engagement, and stay connected to your followers. 

When creating an Instagram community, the first thing to do is to interact with other accounts in your niche by responding to other people’s comments, commenting on posts, especially the more famous accounts, and leaving quality responses. Doing so allows you to get your profile to more new followers. Also, it ensures that your account gets in front of users who follow and communicate with the same type of content you generate. Besides that, you can comment on viral videos to get in front of several people.  

  • Get Instagram To Promote Your Posts

Promoted Instagram posts are a step ahead of unpromoted ones. When Instagram promotes or boosts your posts, they appear in the feeds of users who don’t follow you. This enables you to reach more audiences and increase engagement in your posts, which can lead to additional followers. Additionally, promoted posts let you know how well your content is doing and who is seeing it besides your usual audience. Below are some ways you can get Instagram to promote your posts:    

  • Post On Reels

Instagram reels offer several ways people who don’t follow you can see you. They can show your posts on Facebook and suggest them in the feed on Instagram when people scroll or appear on the explore page. This enables you to reach more people on different platforms. Additionally, reels will allow you to win more engagement and tell your story. Most users can more easily connect with a brand when interacting with the people behind it. Reels enable you to talk directly to the camera about your products or services, how you operate, and where people can find you. This can help build trust with users and, as a result, foster an engaged following.  

  • Use Hashtags And Captions On Your Posts

Using hashtags and captions is another simple way to reach users who aren’t following you and produce new followers. Ideally, hashtags increase the visibility of your posts. When you use them appropriately, potential followers can see what you offer through these tags and even follow your brand. Aside from that, hashtags enable you to:

  • Grow your following: Using hashtags is a perfect of reaching more people, which can, in turn, result in more followers.
  • Promote your content: You can use hashtagging to engage your followers and allow them to participate in your actions. 
  • Make your content easier to find out. Hashtags enable users who aren’t following your account to find out what makes your content unique with a click. 
  • Get feedback from your followers: Hashtags enable you to track user input and feedback quickly. 
  • Develop good relationships with your followers: Hashtags are an excellent way to build relationships with your followers uniquely and engagingly. You can ask them to use particular hashtags in their photos, bringing you close to them and augmenting your exposure. 

All these enable your account to stand out and get Instagram to promote it. Therefore, use relevant hashtags that are unique and less competitive.     

  • Get On The Explore Pages 

Instagram explore page is a robust feature that enables you to acquire enormous exposure with minimal effort. It’s a collection of content based on a user’s interests. The Instagram algorithm organizes content based on similar accounts interacted with. Instagram arranges the content on this page to every user’s liking, so each Explore page is unique. 

You can get on the Explore page by creating relevant and valuable content or generating content that’ll earn responses from your target audience. You can request your audience’s opinion in your caption. Remember that your audience is a deciding factor in determining whether or not you’ll appear on the Explore page. For this reason, ensure you have substantial core audiences that engage and interact with your posts.

After appearing on the explore page, you’d want to keep putting out superior-quality content so you can continue being promoted on the Explore page. Instagram will continue showing posts to people who earlier clicked on your content. So, it’s crucial to provide them with new content to get them to follow you if they haven’t already done so. Lastly, ensure that people can see your posts from the Explore page by making your logos and images bigger, attracting more users to click on your posts.      


 The number of Instagram followers is among the most critical marks of your social presence and success. However, gaining organic followers can sometimes be challenging. Some users can follow and unfollow you later, and various bots can comment on your posts to gain attention. Fortunately, you can grow your business page quickly with the above tricks. Ensure you’re consistent and authentic to stand out from the competition and gain users’ trust and loyalty, which can convince them to follow you. 

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