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ZenBusiness LLC Review (2024)


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If you are looking to start an LLC, I highly recommend that you check out ZenBusiness LLC because they make filing easy and affordable for small-business owners. ZenBusiness is centered around making it as easy as possible for you as the business owner, so that you can focus more on growing your business instead of having to worry about all of the legal steps. The first business feature that stands out when using this platform is that you can prepare and file your own business formation documents, which is useful because you avoid the hassle of having to hire lawyers or other professionals that cost extra to do the work for you. In addition, they provide several other useful features such as name availability search, registered agent services, DBA registration, certificates of good standing, operating agreements, annual business reports, getting your business domain name, quotes for business insurance, assessments from a certified accountant that can help you set up the business for the first year, and more.

Pricing Options

For their pricing options, they have three service tiers, plus an extra option that gives you the option to buy one-by-one.

Starter Plan

The first tier is the starter plan, which is $49 per year and includes standard business filing search tools, phone and email support access to your documents whenever you want, google ads credit, and a CPA assessment to help you determine which type of accounting and bookkeeping is best for your business.

Pro Plan

The second tier is the pro plan. This plan has everything the starter plan has, plus expedited filing, banking resolution documents, employer ID number creation, and their worry-free guarantee. This is the plan that I personally recommend because these are all things you’ll end up needing anyways, especially your banking resolution documents and federal tax ID number so that you can start opening business bank accounts. Pair that with expedited filing and you’ll be able to get the business up and running as soon as possible. Also, if you miss any deadlines, ZenBusiness’s worry-free guarantee will help you regain your good standing, so you really don’t have to worry about the process at all. This is a good plan for 90% of most business owners that are just starting.

Premium Plan

The third tier is the premium plan, which is great for anybody with a blog, personal brand, or if you want to upgrade your business with a website. It has all the previous features from the starter and pro plan, plus they’ll help you set up your website, domain name, email address, and they’ll rush your filing speed so you can get everything done and out of the way even faster. This is for serious people that want to take off running from the get-go. Getting a website domain name, privacy, email address, along with everything else like website design can be a major headache, so it’s nice to see that they now have a service like ZenBusiness who will do everything for you. If you’re a business that will need a website right away, you should consider looking into this, but if not, you can always upgrade in the future.


Finally, we have the a-la-carte pricing plan, which really depends on which service you need. It’s essentially a build your own package service where you have a lot of flexibility with the services that you purchase. However, you’ll need to register for an account and provide a bit of information before you can qualify for this option because it most likely won’t apply to you.

Price Comparison Table

Pros of Using ZenBusiness LLC

  • High review score on TrustPilot – Means other people trust this company as well as enjoyed their experience using the platform.
  • Grant program that gives $5000 rewards to customers – Rewards go to certain ZenBusiness customers that apply and qualify for it.
  • Public benefit corporation – Dedicated towards providing a benefit to society.
  • 100% accuracy guarantee – Mistakes could be the difference between a business becoming an LLC or not.
  • Filing starts at $49 + state fees – ZenBusiness is affordable and offers tons of value for the price.
  • No hidden costs or additional fees – Less worries for businesses that don’t have a lot of money to spend in the first place.
  • High-quality services – Great customer support, fast order processing time, quick turnaround times.
  • Worry-free compliance guarantee – ZenBusiness takes care of annual filings and other ongoing LLC maintenance.
  • Has everything a business owner needs to create an LLC – You won’t have to go to different places when applying to become a LLC, everything you need is on this platform.
  • Conducts an initial ‘state name search’ for your business – Ensures business name is available BEFORE you begin filling out paperwork.

Pros Cont.

Starting a business is never cheap, but there are no hidden costs or additional fees with this service. You choose a plan that you can always upgrade if you want, and basically the amount that you see at checkout is the amount that you pay. However, you do want to keep in mind that this is a subscription model, but you can always cancel whenever you want. ZenBusiness provides great customer support, and you get high-quality services that are very affordable while giving you the most value for your money. Another amazing service that ZenBusiness offers is their worry-free compliance guarantee, which means they take care of your annual report filing as well as other ongoing LLC maintenance. In addition, ZenBusiness also offers a grant program that gives out $5000 rewards to certain ZenBusiness customers that apply and qualify for it, so make sure to take advantage of this as one of their customers and hopefully you can receive a potential reward for your business. Entrepreneurs should be busy with tasks that give the highest ROI, and so ZenBusiness really gives you everything you need to create an LLC so that you can focus instead on how to grow the business.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, LLCs have a ton of pros. As long as you take full advantage of the tax write offs, the costs of starting one will be well worth it. One last piece of advice, I would recommend hiring an accountant and bookkeeper to help alleviate the workload as well as help you gain a better understanding on how LLC finances work. Click here to get started with ZenBusiness and create your LLC in minutes.

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