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How To Save Instagram Stories As Drafts: Easy Guide


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Hey everyone! Ever made a story and thought, “Hmm, not ready to post this yet”? Instagram lets you save it for later. Let’s walk through how to do it, step by step, making it super simple!

Why Save a Story as a Draft?

Saving your Instagram Stories as drafts is a good plan for when you’re getting your post right but don’t want to share it yet. It’s perfect for planning out what you want to post without rushing.

Saving Your Instagram Stories: Step-By-Step

Here’s how to save your Stories as drafts with an easy guide.

Step 1: Start Making Your Story

Open Instagram and swipe right or tap on your profile picture in the top left to start a new Story. You can snap a photo, record a video, or pick one from your gallery.

Step 2: Make It Cool

Add fun stuff like stickers, text, or filters. Play around until it looks great to you.

Step 3: Save It

Once it’s looking good, tap the back arrow in the top left. A message will pop up asking if you want to save your Story. Tap “Save Draft,” and you’re all set!

Finding Your Saved Drafts

To see your drafts, start like you’re going to make a new Story. You’ll see a “Drafts” section above your photos. Tap it to find your saved Stories.

Fixing Draft Error

Sometimes, saving a draft might work better. If that happens, make sure your Instagram app is updated. If it still doesn’t work, restart the app or your phone. Sometimes logging out and back into Instagram helps too.

Is Saving Drafts Worth It?

Yes! It’s a great way to make sure your Instagram stories are just how you want them before you share them. It helps you plan your posts without feeling rushed.

And that’s it—a simple guide to saving your Instagram Stories as drafts. This trick is great for keeping your Instagram game strong, giving you control over when and how you post. Try it out and see how it changes your posting game. Remember, Instagram is about sharing your life your way. 

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