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Do These Before Forming Your LLC in 2024


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Are you thinking of starting your own LLC? Forming an LLC might seem daunting, but it’s simple with the proper steps and knowledge. Before you get in, you must know these five things to ensure your smooth and successful journey.

We’ve got a handy guide that lays out everything you need before setting up your LLC. And yes, services like Northwest Registered Agent can handle the paperwork and ensure you’re all set according to your state’s laws. Ready to find out more? Let’s get started!

Step 1: Drafting Your Blueprint – The Business Plan

It would be best to have a business plan before considering legal structures or tax forms. It’s not just a document; it’s your vision in words and numbers. Here’s what it should cover:

  • What your business will do.

Detail what your business is all about. Are you selling products, offering services, or both? This section is where your business idea takes shape.

  • How it will generate revenue

How will your business make money? Outline your revenue streams, whether sales, services, or ad revenue. It is crucial to understand your financial model from the start.

  • Marketing strategies to attract clients

Your marketing strategy targets to attract both eyes and wallets to your business. Who is your audience, and how will you reach them?

Why You Need an LLC (Or Why You Might Not)

An LLC isn’t a one-size-fits-all. It’s a great way to protect personal assets and gain flexibility, but there are other ways to validate your business. Remember:

  • LLCs aren’t required for tax write-offs.
  • They aren’t necessary to save on taxes.
  • You can be a “real” business without forming an LLC.

Step 2: Understand Licenses and Permits

You might need specific licenses and permits to operate legally, depending on your industry. This depends by:

  • Business sector: Different industries have different requirements.
  • Government level: Federal, state, or local – know where your business fits.

Every business is unique. If you’re opening a restaurant, health inspections, and food service permits are on your list. If you want to open a boutique, you need a resale permit. The point is that your industry dictates the paperwork.

Expect different requirements than in a small town. There are three levels to think about:

  • Federal: Mostly for businesses that deal with aviation, agriculture, alcohol, and the like.
  • State: These can vary widely. Some states have more hoops to jump through than others.
  • Local: Your city or county might have its own set of rules.

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Services like Northwest Registered Agent are like the guidebook for this journey. They help you determine precisely what you need based on your business type and location.

Step 3: Choosing a Business Name

First impressions count; your business name is your first handshake with future customers. It has to be good. Here’s how to nail it:

  • State Guidelines: Make sure the name adheres to your state’s regulations. Every state has its own set of naming rules for businesses. Some are picky about what you can include in your name (like avoiding “Bank” if you’re not one). The goal is to ensure your name is accurate and similar to another’s.
  • Claim Your Spot on the Web: Your online presence is non-negotiable. That means snagging a URL (web address) that matches your business name. Check if your desired URL is free and grab it before someone else does. Picking a name is a mix of creativity and practicality. It should reflect your brand, pass the legal checks, and be web-ready. 

Take your time with it. After all, this name will be on everything from your website to your business cards.

Step 4: Decide on Your LLC’s Tax Structure

Let’s get into the taxation for your LLC. Each option has its strengths and can affect your journey differently.

The Basics: How You Can Be Taxed

  • Sole Proprietorship: This is likely your go-to if you go solo with your LLC. It’s just you managing and owning the business.
  • Partnership: Got a business partner (one or more); this option is for partnerships where profits and responsibilities are shared.
  • S-Corp or C-Corp: They come with potential tax benefits that could save you money but are a bit more complex.

Whether it’s a sole proprietorship model for solo ventures or a partnership for a team enterprise, understanding your options is critical.

Why S-Corp Could Be Your Best Move

Taxing as an S-Corporation can be a smart way to save on taxes without cutting your profits. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Pay Yourself a Salary: This bit is taxed like regular employment income.
  • Profit Distributions: The money left after paying your salary isn’t hit with self-employment tax, which means more money in your pocket.

Interested? Look at Form 2553 and consider if this model suits your financial goals.

Step 5: Get a Registered Agent

A registered agent is your LLC’s official contact for legal documents. They make sure you get all critical information from the state. A reliable registered agent keeps your business in good standing and can save you a lot of headaches.

Why You Need One

  • Stay Informed: They ensure you get all critical legal notices. Failure notices can lead to trouble with the state, and no one wants that.
  • Keep Good Standing: Being in good standing. It means you comply with state laws, and a registered agent helps you stay that way.

Is It Worth the Cost?

Absolutely. While it might seem like just another business expense, having a reliable registered agent is like insurance for your business’s legal standing. Plus, it frees you up to focus on growing your business instead of sweating over legal paperwork.

Want to know more about it? Check out our blog, Is a Registered Agent Necessary? Your Guide to Finding an Affordable Optionfor insights on why a registered agent is a smart investment for your LLC.

Are you starting an LLC in 2024? With these steps, you’re on the right path. Remember, preparation is critical to ensuring that your LLC will benefit your business. Every step is crucial for your future success, from drafting a business plan to choosing a tax structure and getting a registered agent.

If you want to save time, services like Northwest Registered Agent help you handle the legalities so you can focus on what you do best – running your business. 

Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest Registered Agent Pricing: What to Expect

Northwest Registered Agent keeps pricing simple. They have a clear, straightforward fee structure, which is a big plus. No hidden fees or surprises – that’s the kind of honesty we all appreciate, right?

Why is Their Pricing Affordable?

  • Transparent Costs: They tell you exactly what you’re paying for so you can make informed decisions.
  • Competitive Rates: Their prices align with your expectations for top-notch services, ensuring you get good value.
  • One-Stop Shop: Since they offer a whole suite of services, you can bundle things together, potentially saving time and money.
  • Location: They’re headquartered in Spokane, Washington, but don’t worry – they have offices in all 50 states. So, wherever you are in the U.S., they’ve got local expertise ready for you.
  • Experience Counts: These folks have been in the game for over 20 years. That’s a lot of experience under their belt, helping businesses like yours start and grow.

Core Services

  • LLC Formation: Dreaming of starting your own LLC? They can help make that happen.
  • Registered Agent Service: The main event – they’ll be your reliable point of contact for all those essential legal documents.
  • Address Privacy: Keep your address off the public records. It’s all about your privacy.
  • Lifetime Customer Support: Got questions? They’re there for you, not just today, but for the life of your business.
  • Annual Report Reminders: Never miss a deadline with their handy reminders.
  • Online Document Dashboard: All your important documents are organized in one easy-to-access place.

Additional Services (Because There’s Always More)

  • EIN Number: They can help you get your business’s unique tax ID.
  • Annual Report Service: Let them handle your annual reporting needs.
  • Operating Agreements: Need help with the rules for running your LLC? They’ve got you covered.
  • Virtual Office Service: Get a professional business address without the office.
  • S-Corp Election: Thinking about S-Corp status? They can help with that.
  • Mail Forwarding Service: Keep your mail organized and forward it where needed.
  • Foreign Qualification: Expanding your business to new states? They can assist.
  • Legal Forms: Access a variety of legal forms easily.
  • Legal Services (in Utah): If you’re in Utah, they’ve got specific legal services just for you.
  • Incorporation Services: More than just LLCs, they can help incorporate your business, too.

So, if you’re looking to create an LLC, Northwest Registered Agent is like having a wise old friend in the industry. They ensure everything runs smoothly, keeping you focused on what you love – growing your business. 

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